Proposal, Consultation & Design Pricing

Below is a list of estimate pricing based on type of project: decks, design consultation, and design-build services. Each estimate is a thoroughly crafted proposal, including 2-D or 3-D rendering of your finished project, and offers menu-styled options to keep you in charge of design and see projected costs. 






The first place to begin is by getting Ball Park Pricing on your deck project. Just give us a call at 907.333.7132, and we can give you an approximate cost in just 5 minutes. The pricing estimate will be immediately emailed to you.


free proposal


To get exact pricing, simply email or stop in with photos and a description of your deck project. For the most accurate cost estimate, you will need to provide:

  • Your name, address, phone number/contact info

  • Placement of deck in relation to house

  • Access: Include info on how to access the deck, such as doors, paths, and fences, if applicable

  • New deck dimensions: Include height, dimensions of additions like stairs and railings, if applicable

  • Additional features: Include info on additional features, such as a hot tub, grills, larger items

  • Old deck dimensions (for demo): Include height, additions like stairs and railings, if applicable


  • Wide view of current deck

  • Wide view for placement of new deck

  • Any additional features you feel necessary for completing your estimate




Leave the leg work to us and schedule a professional estimator visit. We'll do the measurements on site, discuss the design, include site-specific additions and considerations, and we'll email you a full proposal, including an AutoCAD rendering specific to your project. If you choose to continue with us, your $35 is refunded into the total cost of the contract.


Design Consultation & Design Service


Design Consultation: on-Site consultation ($290 per room refundable proposal)


If recommended, one a builder/designer will meet with you at your home to gather information, photos, and discuss your project design ideas. This estimate includes up to two hours of CAD renderings of your existing space, proposed changes, and an additional Showroom consultation to go over all details. The fee is refundable if you continue in-house with a Design-Build contract.


Design Contract service/Complete Design-Build: Professional rendering ($95/hour)


For impeccable detail and design work, our designers provide a Design Contract Service to produce your project's details in high definition. This service is $95 per design hour with a projected number of hours given to you upfront. Continuing in-house will guarantee up to $190 of your designing fee refunded, which will be included into a complete Design-Build contract.