Winter Construction

Summer is no longer the only season to build, improve, and remodel. Why should weather limit your project goals?


winter deck building

Why not have us build your deck in the winter? There's now a reasonable option to building and you'll be able to enjoy the deck before summer begins! When you sign up for our Winter Deck Building option, you can save up to 10%. 


Some considerations for choosing Winter build:

  • Scheduling: Your project will be put on the Winter season schedule. This means that your project will begin only after we have completed all of our Spring and Summer deck construction.

  • Season vs Our Schedule: Your project will be on the Winter season schedule, which does not correspond to the typical calendar seasons. Our Winter season construction does not mean your project will begin on or around this time. Our schedule means after regular schedule builds are completed.

  • Trade Off: The total savings on the scope of the deck may make the option of Winter deck building optimal. You'll need to decide whether you choose the flexible schedule with a lower total cost or if you'd like to be placed on the regular building schedule at regular cost. Feel free to discuss this with our designers for a better insight on which option may work best for your overall project.


Check out how we’re bringing the improvement season into perspective!


I would like to thank Treeline for building such an incredibly beautiful deck! Your crew was so pleasant, timely, and amazing for being outside enduring such horrible downpours in freezing, cold temperatures. Their professionalism and craftsmanship is exceptional and we love our deck!
— S. & E. Taylor